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EAMT Best Thesis Award

The Anthony C Clarke Award:
EAMT best thesis award

The EAMT annually invites entries for the Anthony C Clarke award: EAMT Best Thesis Award, for a PhD or equivalent thesis on a topic related to machine translation.

Eligible researchers should:

  • have completed a PhD (or equivalent) thesis on a relevant topic in a European, Northern African or Middle Eastern institution within the calendar year specified by the call; and
  • have not previously won another international award for that thesis.

The current open call for this award invites researchers that completed a PhD thesis in 2018. More details at

Previous EAMT Best Thesis awardees:

  • 2018: Daniel Emilio Beck: "Gaussian Processes for Text Regression" (University of Sheffield), supervised by Lucia Specia (University of Sheffield, UK) and Trevor Cohn (University of Melboune, Australia).
  • 2017: José Guilherme Camargo de Souza: "Adaptive Quality Estimation for Machine Translation and Automatic Speech Recognition" (University of Trento and FBK, Italy), supervised by Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi and Marcello Federico.
  • 2016: Fabienne Braune: "Decoding Strategies for Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation" (LMU Munich, Germany), supervised by Andreas Maletti and Alexander Fraser.
  • 2015: Christian Hardmeier: "Discourse in Statistical Machine Translation" (Uppsala University, Sweden), supervised by Joakim Nivre and Jörg Tiedemann.
  • 2014: Gennadi Lembersky: "The Effect of Translationese on Statistical Machine Translation" (University of Haifa, Israel), supervised by Shuly Wintner.
  • 2013: unassigned
  • 2012: Abby Levenberg:"Stream-based Statistical Machine Translation" (University of Edinburgh, UK), supervised by Miles Osborne.