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EAMT executive committee

The EAMT has an executive committee which plans events and related activities. The current members of the EAMT executive committee are:

President: Mikel L. Forcada

Universitat d'Alacant
Alacant, Spain.

Secretary: Carolina Scarton

Sheffield University
United Kingdom

Treasurer: Tony Clarke

Basel, Switzerland.

Elected Member: Heidi Depraetere

CrossLanguage n.v.
Gent, Belgium

Elected Member: Kim Harris


Co-opted Member: Viggo Hansen

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Co-opted Member: Andy Way

Dublin City University
Dublin, Ireland.

Co-opted Member: Khalil Sima'an

University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Co-opted Member: Barry Haddow

University of Edinburgh

Co-opted Member: Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortiz

Universitat d'Alacant
Alacant, Spain.

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