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Welcome reception
On Tuesday 18 September, all delegates are invited to a welcome reception by the Mayor of Santiago de Compostela, to be held in the Pazo de Raxoi (City Council building), next to the Hostal. Afterwards the exhibition area will be opened in the Hostal.

Folk music entertainment
There will be a folk music or folk dance entertainment on the evening of Friday 21 September in the Teatro Principal (about 600 metres from the Hostal). This event is being sponsored by the Xunta de Galicia, and there will be no charge.

There will be a conference banquet on Saturday 22 September in the magnificent Comedor Real of the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos. The price will be €54 per person. As places are limited you are encouraged to book early.


Saturday 22 September

Half-day excursion to A Coruña
The bus will leave the Hostal at 0930. We will travel north to the port of A Coruña and visit the Torre de Hércules, the oldest lighthouse in the world, built in the 1st century, the only Roman lighthouse still in working order. Then there will be free time to see the centre of the town (the white verandas at the Marina Avenue, the archaeological museum in San Antón Castle, shopping streets, María Pita Square with the town hall, the harbour, San Carlos garden with the mausoleum of the British general Sir John Moore). The bus will return to Santiago at about 1500. The price will be €10 per person, and includes entrance to the lighthouse.

Sunday 23 September

Full-day excursion to south west Galicia and northern Portugal
The bus leaves at 0900. We will visit Valença do Minho (Portugal), a wonderful fortified town with narrow streets and amazing views of Tui (on the Galician side) and the river Miño, then to Caminha, another small Portuguese town. We then take a ferry-boat back to Galicia and visit the fishing port of A Guarda and the mount of Santa Tegra (Celtic fort with impressive views of the mouth of the river Miño and Portugal), to Baiona (castle, old town), to Vigo (crossing the bay by ferry-boat to Cangas with wonderful views of the Cies Islands), to Pontevedra, where we have a light dinner and afterwards a walk through the old town. The bus will return to Santiago at about 2300. The price will be €45 per person, and includes meals, refreshments and entrance charges.

Activities for partners

(All these activities are free of charge)

Wednesday 19 September

1000–1230 Guided tour through Santiago
1530–1830 Visit to the gardens of the Pazo (country house) of Oca and Pazo of Rivadulla (18 kilometers from Santiago)

Thursday 20 September

1000–1200 Guided visit to the Museo do Pobo Galego (Galician People Museum; ethnography)

1500–1900 Boat trip from O Grove to Pontecesures, through the Ría de Arousa (O Grove: 65 kilometers from Santiago; Pontecesures: 21 kilometes from Santiago)

Friday 21 September

0930–1400 Visit to to the Museum of Pontevedra (Galician history, art, archeology; 54 kilometers from Santiago)

1600–1800 Guided visit to the Cathedral, Museum of the Cathedral and Xelmírez Palace

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