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Getting to Santiago de Compostela
View from Cathedral tower.
View from the Cathedral

By air

Iberia, the official carrier for the MT Summit, is offering discounts on round-trip flights with Iberia and its subsidiary Air Nostrum (excluding some connecting flights with the IB prefix). For Europe the discounts are 25% (business, tourist, Eurobudget) applying to flights between 15 and 24 September (inclusive). For domestic flights within Spain the discount is 30% for tourist class and 25% for business class. For intercontinental flights the discounts are 25% (first, business, tourist, and excursion classes, but there are restricted numbers of seats on some flights) and apply to flights between 10 and 29 September (inclusive). The tickets must be issued by an Iberia office on presentation of a password and a letter of confirmation — which we will send you after registration.     For cities not serviced by Iberia, Spanair and Air Europa also fly to Santiago.
    The airport of Santiago de Compostela, Lavacolla, is located 10 kms. from the center.  Taxi to any point of the city from the airport is fixed at Pts 2,200. Bus service is also available from airport: Pts 200.

By train
There are also overnight trains between Madrid and Santiago:
       Madrid (22.30)–Santiago (07.10)
       Santiago (22.25)–Madrid (07.30)
Gran Clase: Pts 24.800 (includes meals, private bathroom with shower),
Clase Preferente: Pts 18.700 (private bathroom),
Clase Turista: Pts 9.100 (shared room),
Clase Turista asiento: Pts 5.900 (seat only).

If you prefer to drive, parking is available at the Hostal (Pts 2,200 per day) and at other locations.

  Last updated: 26 Jul 2001