MT Summit VIII

Papers and Presentations

These pages contain links to the files of nearly all the papers and presentations given in Santiago.

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Opening statement and Introductory speech, by John Hutchins, conference chair.

Preface to the proceedings, by Bente Maegaard, chair of the programme committee.

Accepted Papers

Below are links to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files of nearly all papers given in Santiago. To view them, you will need a copy of the Acrobat viewer, which you can download from Adobe.

Conference papers have been classified as follows:
    U - user study
    R - research paper
    S - system presentation
    P - poster presentation

Takako Aikawa, Maite Melero, Lee Schwartz & Andi Wu: Multilingual Natural Language Generation (S). Keywords: natural language generation, multilingual MT system, robustness, application-independence, transfer.   View PDF file (214 kb)

Yasuhiro Akiba, Kenji Imamura & Eiichiro Sumita: Using Multiple Edit Distances to Automatically Rank Machine Translation Output (R). Keywords: Automatic evaluation of MT systems, Multiple Edit Distances, Decision Trees.   View PDF file (271 kb)

Juan A. Alonso, Ramón Fanlo & Albert Llorens: Collapsing Morphological Information in Lexical Databases for NLP Applications (R). Keywords: Computational morphology, computational lexicography, morphological alternations, morphographemics, machine translation.   View PDF file (892 kb)

Eiji Aramaki, Sadao Kurohashi, Satoshi Sato & Hideo Watanabe: Finding Translation Correspondences from Parallel Parsed Corpus for Example-based Translation (R). Keywords: phrase alignment, parallel corpus, example-based translation, dictionary, dependency structure.   View PDF file (364 kb)

Julia Aymerich: Generation of Noun-Noun Compounds in the Spanish-English Machine Translation System SPANAM (R). Keywords: Noun-Noun compounds, Spanish-English Machine Translation, SPANAM system   View PDF file (201 kb)

Guillermo Barrutieta, Joseba Abaitua & Josuha Díaz: Gross-grained RST through XML metadata for multilingual document generation (R). Keywords: Corpus, RST, XML.   View PDF file (154 kb)

Ulrike Bernardi, Petra Gieselmann & Steve McLaughlin: A Taste of MALT (R). Keywords: Integration, Distributed Architecture, Modularity, CORBA, Java.   View PDF file (191 kb)

Dr. Ulrich Boehme & Svetlana Svetova: An Integrated Solution: Applying PROMT Machine Translation Technology, Terminology Mining, And TRADOS's TWB Translation Memory to SAP Content Translation (U). Keywords: English-Russian machine translation system, automatic terminology extraction, automated translation process.   View PDF file (164 kb)

Francis Bond, Ruhaida Binti Sulong, Takefumi Yamazaki & Kentaro Ogura: Design and Construction of a machine-tractable Japanese-Malay Dictionary (R). Keywords: Lexicon Construction, Machine Translation, Japanese, Malay.   View PDF file (105 kb)

Jennifer A. Brundage: Machine Translation - Evolution of Usage (U). Keywords: MT integration, MT case study, MT & NLP technology.   View PDF file (1265 kb)

Chris Callison-Burch, Raymond S. Flournoy: A Program for Automatically Selecting the Best Output from Multiple Machine Translation Engines (R).   View PDF file (159 kb)

Nicoletta Calzolari, Alessandro Lenci, Antonio Zampolli, Nuria Bel, Marta Villegas & Gregor Thurmair: The ISLE in the Ocean. Transatlantic Standards for Multilingual Lexicons (with an Eye to Machine Translation) (R). Keywords: standards, multilingual resources, computational lexicons for MT.   View PDF file (198 kb)

R. Canals-Marote, A. Esteve-Guillén, A. Garrido-Alenda, M.I. Guardiola-Savall, A. Iturraspe-Bellver, S. Montserrat-Buendía, S. Ortiz-Rojas, H. Pastor-Pina, P.M. Pérez-Antón & M.L. Forcada: The Spanish-Catalan machine translation system interNOSTRUM (R). Keywords: Spanish, Catalan, finite-state, internet browsing, morphological transfer.   View PDF file (200 kb)

Maki Darwin: Trial and Error: An Evaluation Project on Japanese <> English MT Output Quality (R). Keywords: MT evaluation techniques and evaluation results, A case study of MT evaluation.   View PDF file (254 kb)

Mike Dillinger: Dictionary Development Workflow for MT: Design and Management (U). Keywords: dictionary development, lexical resources, workflow.   View PDF file (135 kb)

Inés Diz Gamallo: The importance of MT for the survival of minority languages: Spanish-Galician MT system (P). Keywords: Minority languages, Galician, Machine Translation.   View PDF file (145 kb)

Kurt Eberle: FUDR-based MT, head switching and the lexicon (R). Keywords: Methodologies for MT, dictionaries and lexicons for MT, Standards in text and lexicon encoding for MT.   View PDF file (215 kb)

Masaru Fuji & Hitoshi Isahara: Evaluation Method for Determining Groups of Users Who Find MT “Useful” (R). Keywords: English-Japanese MT, evaluation, reading comprehension, TOEIC, language ability   View PDF file (310 kb)

Michael Gamon, Hisami Suzuki & Simon Corston-Oliver: Using Machine Learning for System-Internal Evaluation of Transferred Linguistic Representations (R). Keywords: Automatic evaluation, machine translation, decision tree, error analysis, transfer.   View PDF file (87 kb)

Ismael García-Varea & Francisco Casacuberta: Search Algorithms for Statistical Machine Translation based on Dynamic Programming and Pruning Techniques (R). Keywords: Statistical Machine Translation, Search Algorithms, Pruning Techniques.   View PDF file (100 kb)

Barbara Gawronska: PolVerbNet: an experimental database for Polish verbs (P). Keywords: verbs, WordNet, aspect, Aktionsart, Polish.   View PDF file (100 kb)

Claudia Gdaniec, Esmé Manandise, Michael C. McCord: Derivational Morphology to the Rescue: How It Can Help Resolve Unfound Words in MT (R). Keywords: Unfound Words, Derived Words with Lexical Base, Derived Words with Unlisted Base, Words Derived from Related Words, Penalties.   View PDF file (170 kb)

A. Guessoum & R. Zantout: Semi-automatic Evaluation of the Grammatical Coverage of Machine Translation Systems (R). Keywords: Machine Translation Evaluation; Translation Quality; Grammatical Coverage; Arabic Machine Translation; Parser Evaluation.   View PDF file (55 kb)

Nizar Habash & Bonnie Dorr: Large Scale Language Independent Generation Using Thematic Hierarchies (R).   View PDF file (262 kb)

Anthony Hartley, Donia Scott, John Bateman & Danail Dochev: AGILE - A System for Multilingual Generation of Technical Instructions (S). Keywords: multilingual natural language generation, technical instructions, automatic authoring, resource development.   View PDF file (393 kb)

Taiichi Hashimoto, Kosuke Nishidate, Kiyoaki Shirai, Takenobu Tokunaga & Hozumi Tanaka: Decision Lists for Determining Adjective Dependency in Japanese (R). Keyword: Determining Adjective Dependency, Japanese, Decision List, Lexical Preferences, Exploration of Effective Feature.   View PDF file (136 kb)

Minoru Hayashi, Setsuo Yamada, Akira Kataoka & Akio Yokoo: ALT-J/C A Prototype Japanese-to-Chinese Automatic Language Translation System (S). Keywords: Machine translation, Japanese-to-Chinese machine translation, Multilingual translation system, Automatic language translation system, ALT-J/C.   View PDF file (430 kb)

Shigeto Higuchi, Masatoshi Fukui, Atsushi Fujii & Tetsuya Ishikawa: PRIME: A System for Multi-lingual Patent Retrieval (S). Keywords: patent retrieval, cross-language information retrieval, multi-lingual information retrieval, query translation, corpus-based translation extraction.   View PDF file (152 kb)

Tatsuya Izuha: Machine Translation Using Bilingual Term Entries Extracted from Parallel Texts (R). Keywords: parallel text, bilingual lexicon, technical term, similar text retrieval.   View PDF file (205 kb)

Marisa Jiménez: Generation of Named Entities (R). Keywords: generation, MT, frequency, named entities, logical forms.   View PDF file (181 kb)

Sin-Jae Kang, Hui-Feng Li, Jong-Hyeok Lee: Semi-Automatic Construction of Language Independent and Practical Ontology for Word Senses Disambiguation (R). Keywords: ontology construction, thesaurus extension, corpus analysis, word sense disambiguation.   View PDF file (294 kb)

Adam Kilgarriff & David Tugwell: WASP-Bench: an MT Lexicographers' Workstation Supporting State-of-the-art Lexical Disambiguation (R). Keywords: MT-lexicography, Lexical Disambiguation, workbench.   View PDF file (179 kb)

Sungryong Koh, Jinee Maeng, Ji-Young Lee, Young-Sook Chae & Key-Sun Choi: A Test Suite for Evaluation of English-to-Korean Machine Translation Systems (S). Keywords: Evaluation, English-to-Korean, Yes-No Question, Comprehension Test, Linguistic Phenomena.   View PDF file (143 kb)

Philippe Langlais, George Foster & Guy Lapalme: Integrating Bilingual Lexicons in a Probabilistic Translation Assistant (R+S). Keywords: MT for professionals, Translation aids, Dictionaries and lexicons for MT systems.   View PDF file (96 kb)

Marjorie León: SPANAM and ENGSPAN for Windows 2000: An MT Pioneer Keeps up with Technology (S). Keywords: fully automatic machine translation, Spanish, English, dictionary building, implementation.   View PDF file (137 kb)

Terence Lewis: Combining Tools to Improve Automatic Translation (U). Keywords: Analysis, Combination, Procedure, Separation, Tools.   View PDF file (96 kb)

Christian Lieske, Susan McCormick & Gregor Thurmair: The Open Lexicon Interchange Format (OLIF) Comes of Age (R+S). Keywords are: lexicon, lexical exchange, exchange format, MT lexicon, XML-based.   View PDF file (187 kb)

Muhtar Mahsut, Yasuhiro OGAWA, Kazue SUGINO & Yasuyoshi INAGAKI: Utilizing Agglutinative Features Japanese-Uighur Machine Translation (R). Key words: agglutinative languages, machine translation, derivational grammar, Japanese, Uighur.   View PDF file (61 kb)

Elisabeth Maier & Anthony Clarke: Evaluation of machine translation systems at CLS Corporate Language Services AG (U). Keywords: Evaluation, criteria, intelligibility, correctness, comparisons.   View PDF file (191 kb)

Jesús Manuel Martínez: MT in the European Commission: a view from the translator's desk (U).

Keith J. Miller & Michelle Vanni: A Suite of Measures for Multi-Dimensional Characterisation of Machine Translation Quality (R). Keywords: MT evaluation, ISLE, MT Scale, MT evaluation metrics.   View PDF file (137 kb)

Keith J. Miller, Donna M. Gates, Nancy Underwood, Josemina Magdalen: Evaluation of Machine Translation Output for an Unknown Source Language: Report of an ISLE-Based Investigation   View PDF file (101 kb)

Teruko Mitamura, Eric Nyberg, Enrique Torrejón, David Svoboda & Kathryn Baker: Pronominal Anaphora Resolution in KANTOO English-to-Spanish Machine Translation System (R). Keywords: Pronominal Anaphora Resolution, English to Spanish Machine Translation.   View PDF file (174 kb)

Shigeko Nariyama: Multiple argument ellipses resolution in Japanese (R). Keywords: ellipsis resolution, multiple argument ellipses, salient referent list.   View PDF file (171 kb)

Sonja Niessen & Hermann Ney: Morpho-syntactic analysis for Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation (P).   View PDF file (45 kb)

Franz Josef Och & Hermann Ney: Statistical Multi-Source Translation (R). Keywords: Statistical machine translation, automatic corpus acquisition, multi-source translation.   View PDF file (57 kb)

Mari Olsen, David Traum, Carol van Ess-Dykema & Amy Weinberg: Implicit Cues for Explicit Generation: Using telicity as a Cue for tense Structure in a Chinese to English MT System (R). Keywords: dictionaries, lexicons, Chinese MT, lexical aspect,generation.   View PDF file (189 kb)

Michael Paul: Translation Knowledge Recycling for Related Languages (R). Keywords: reuse of knowledge resources, related languages.   View PDF file (228 kb)

Angeliki Petrits, Francine Braun-Chen, Cameron Ross, Rosemarie Sauer, Angelo Torquati, Alain Reichling: The Commission´s MT System: Today and Tomorrow (U). Kyewords: History, Access, Use, Demand, Future.   View PDF file (156 kb)

Jessie Pinkham, Monica Corston-Oliver, Martine Smets& Mertine Pettenaro: Rapid assembly of a large-scale French-English MT system (S). Keywords: Hybrid MT, EBMT, automatic transfer learning, French-English.   View PDF file (184 kb)

Claus Povlsen & Annelise Bech: Ape: Reducing the Monkey Business in Post-Editing by Automating the Task Intelligently (U). Keywords: Machine translation, user aspects, post-editing.   View PDF file (136 kb)

António Ribeiro, Gaël Dias, Gabriel Lopes & João Mexia: Cognates Alignment (R). Keywords: machine translation, alignment, cognates.   View PDF file (71 kb)

Stephen Richardson, William Dolan, Arul Menezes, Jessie Pinkham: Achieving commercial-quality translation with example-based methods (R). Keywords: Hybrid MT, EBMT, Example-base learning, Spanish-English.   View PDF file (71 kb)

Adriane Rinsche: Managing translation and localisation projects with LTC Organiser (S). Keywords: Language Industry Management.   View PDF file (507 kb)

Marcos Franco Sabarís, J. Luis Rojas, Carlos Dafonte, Bernardino Arcay: Universal Translation Language: a New Approach to Multilingual Human Assisted Machine Translation (P). Keywords: MT, human-assisted, interlingua, artificial language, multilingual.   View PDF file (141 kb)

Alberto Sanchís, David Picó, Joan Miquel del Val, Ferran Fabregat, Jesús Tomás, Moisés Pastor & Francisco Casacuberta: A Morphological Analyzer for Machine Translation Based on Finite-State Transducers (P). Keywords: finite-state techniques, morphological analysis, rule-based translation.   View PDF file (49 kb)

Jean Senellart, Péter Dienes & Tamós Váradi: Development of a New Generation of Translation System (S). Keywords: machine translation architecture, implicit transfer, declarativity, resources management   View PDF file (114 kb)

Jean Senellart, Mirko Plitt, Christophe Bailly, Francoise Cardoso: Resource Alignment for Machine Translation or Implicit Transfer (R). Keywords: syntactic alignment, customization, dictionary management, automatic translation, implicit transfer.   View PDF file (76 kb)

Young-Ae Seo, Yoon-Hyung Roh, Ki-Young Lee & Sung-Kwon Choi: CaptionEye/EK: A English-to-Korean Caption Translation System using the Sentence Pattern (S). Keywords: English-to-Korean machine translation; caption translation, data-driven methodology.   View PDF file (285 kb)

Sayori Shimohata, Mihoko Kitamura, Tatsuya Sukehiro, and Toshiki Murata: Collaborative Translation Environment on the Web (S). Keywords: machine translation, web translation, dictionary building.   View PDF file (372 kb)

Michel Simard & Philippe Langlais: Sub-sentential Exploitation of Translation Memories (R). Keywords: translation support tools, translation memory, translation alignment, statistical translation models.   View PDF file (179 kb)

Ross Smith: Using Information Technology to Optimise Translation Processes at PricewaterhouseCoopers Madrid (U). Keywords: workflow automation, CAT, Trados, on-line translation engines.   View PDF file (125 kb)

Svetlana Sokolova: The PROMT MT Technology embodied in PROMT-REVERSO Translation System (P). Key words: Promt, Reverso, tools for MT development.   View PDF file (125 kb)

Fumiaki Sugaya, Keiji Yasuda, Toshiyuki Takezawa & Seiichi Yamamoto: Precise Measurement Method of a Speech Translation System's Capability with a Pair Comparison Method between the System and Humans (R) Keywords: ATR-MATRIX, speech translation system, evaluation, TOEIC, regression analysis.   View PDF file (80 kb)

Enya Kong Tang & Mosleh H. Al-Adhaileh: Converting a Bilingual Dictionary into a Bilingual Knowledge Bank based on the Synchronous SSTC (R). Keywords: Structured String-Tree Correspondence (SSTC), Bilingual Knowledge Bank (BKB).   View PDF file (77 kb)

Jesús Tomás: Monotone Statistical Translation using Word Groups (P). Keywords: Statistical Translation, Alignment Models, Monotone Models, Word Groups, Castilian to Catalan Translation.   View PDF file (57 kb)

Nancy Underwood & Bart Jongejan: Translatability Checker: a tool to support the decision on whether to use MT (P).   View PDF file (180 kb)

Daniel J. Walker, David E. Clements, Maki Darwin and Jan W. Amtrup: Sentence Boundary Detection: A Comparison of Paradigms for Improving MT Quality (R). Keywords: Segmentation, MT for the Web, Maximum-Entropy models, MT Methodologies, Evaluation.   View PDF file (185 kb)

Keiji Yasuda, Fumiaki Sugaya, Toshiyuki Takezawa, Seiichi Yamamoto & Masuzo Yanagida: An Automatic Evaluation Method of Translation Quality Using Translation Answer Candidates Queried from a Parallel Corpus (R). Key words: MT evaluation techniques, Translation quality, Parallel Corpus, DP matching, ATR-MATRIX.   View PDF file (197 kb)

Shoichi Yokoyama, Hideki Kashioka, Akira Kumano, Masaki Matsudaira, Yoshiko Shirokizawa, Shuji Kodama, Terumasa Ehara, Shinichiro Miyazawa & Yuzo Murata: An Automatic Evaluation Method for Machine Translation using Two-way MT (R). Keywords: automatic evaluation, two-way machine translation, word correspondence, modification, comparison of score.   View PDF file (180 kb)

Ying Zhang, Ralf Brown, Robert Frederking & Alon Lavie: Pre-processing of Bilingual Corpora for Mandarin-English EBMT (R). Keywords: EBMT, Bilingual corpus, pre-processing, tokenization, bilingual segmentation/bracketing.   View PDF file (2430 kb)

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