TMI-2002 Conference

Alternation-based lexicon reconstruction Timothy Baldwin and Francis Bond 1
Corpus-driven splitting of compound words Ralf D. Brown 12
Two experiments in situated MT Jim Cowie and Sergei Nirenburg 22
Stone soup translation Paul C. Davis and Chris Brew 31
A method of adding new entries to a valency dictionary by exploiting existing lexical resources Sanae Fujita and Francis Bond 42
Incremental construction and maintenance of morphological analysers based on augmented letter transducers Alicia Garrido-Alenda, Mikel L. Forcada and Rafael C. Carrasco 53
Extracting semantic classes and morphosyntactic features for English-polish machine translation Barbara Gawronska, Björn Erlendsson and Hanna Duczak 63
Application of translation knowledge acquired by hierarchical phrase alignment for pattern-based MT Kenji Imamura 74
An iterative algorithm for translation acquisition of adpositions Hiroshi Kanayama 85
An experimental multilingual bi-directional speech translation system Tomohiro Konuma, Kenji Matsui, Yumi Wakita, Kenji Mizutani, Mitsuru Endo and Masashi Murata 96
Sign language generation using HPSG Ian Marshall and Eva Safar 105
Pronominal anaphora resolution in the KANTOO multilingual machine translation system Teruko Mitamura, Eric Nyberg, Enrique Torrejon, Dave Svoboda, Annelen Brunner and Kathryn Baker 115
Correction of errors in a modality corpus used for machine translation using machine-learning Masaki Murata, Masao Utiyama, Kiyotaka Uchimoto, Qing Ma and Hitoshi Isahara 125
Grammar for ellipsis resolution in Japanese Shigeko Nariyama 135
Machine translation without a bilingual dictionary Jesse Pinkham and Martine Smets 146
Challenges in automated elicitation of a controlled bilingual corpus Katharina Probst and Lori Levin 157
Sentence generation for pattern-based machine translation Koichi Takeda 168
Rapid adaptive development of semantic analysis grammars Alicia Tribble, Alon Lavie and Lori Levin 178
Statistical machine translation based on hierarchical phrase alignment Taro Watanabe, Kenji Imamura and Eiichiro Sumita 188
Corpus-assisted expansion of manual MT knowledge Setsuo Yamada, Kenji Imamura and Kazuhide Yamamoto 199