TMI-2002 Workshop

Machine Translation Roadmap


Toward the Realization of Typological Semantic Pattern Dictionaries for MT (invited talk) Satoru Ikehara (Tottori Univ.) --
Toward a Science of Machine Translation Francis Bond (NTT) pdf
Using multilingual content on the web to build fast finite-state direct translation systems Mikel Forcada (Univ. d'Alacant) pdf
Machine Translation in the Mobile and Wearable Age Nigel Ward (Univ. of Tokyo) pdf
Where do we stand? MT Summit and TMI Report Steven Krauwer (ELSNET, Utrecht Univ.) pdf
What are we celebrating today? (invited session) Harold Somers (UMIST) --

Discussion Papers

Speech related technologies: Where will the field go in 10 years? Niels Ole Bernsen (ed.) (NISLab) pdf
Towards a road map on Human Langyage Techonology: Natural Language processing Andreas Eisele and Dorothea Ziegler-Eisele (eds.) pdf

Last year papers
(These papers can be downloaded from MT Summit VIII site. )
Introduction Steven Krauwer html
Working Toward Success in Machine Translation Laurie Gerber pdf
Blueprints for MT Evolution: Reflections on "Elements of Style" Jörg Schütz pdf
Four Technical and Organizational Keys to Handle More Languages and Improve Quality (on Demand) in MT Christian Boitet pdf
Towards Pragmatics-based Machine Translation David Farwell and Stephen Helmreich pdf
What can Machine Translation learn from Speech Recognition? Franz Josef Och & Hermann Ney pdf
Rethinking Interaction: The Solution for High-quality MT? Elliott Macklovitch and Antonio S. Valderrábanos pdf
Secondary Benefits of Feedback and User Interaction in Machine Translation Tools Raymond S. Flournoy and Chris Callison-Burch pdf
Evaluating Chineses-English Translation Systems for Personal Name Coverage Benjamin K. Tsou and Oi Yee Kwong pdf
Design and Implementation of Controlled Elicitation for Machine Translation of Low-density Languages Katharina Probst, Ralf Brown, Jaime Carbonell, Alon Lavie, Lori Levin and Erik Peterson pdf