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Monday, May 28

09:00-09:20 : Opening

09:20-10:40 : Oral Session 1 – User Papers

09:20-09:40 : From Subtitles to Parallel Corpora
M. Fishel, Y. Georgakopoulou, S. Penkale, V. Petukhova, M. Rojc, M. Volk, A. Way

09:40-10:00 : Building English-Chinese and Chinese-English MT engines for the computer software domain
M. Khalilov, R. Choudhury

10:00-10:20 : Statistical Machine Translation prototype using UN parallel documents
B. Pouliquen, C. Mazenc, C. Elizalde, J. Garcia-Verdugo

10:20-10:40 : User Evaluation of Interactive Machine Translation Systems
V. Alabau, L. A. Leiva, D. Ortiz-Martínez, F. Casacuberta

10:40-11:00 : Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 : Oral Session 2 – Research Papers

11:00-11:30 : Translate, Predict or Generate: Modeling Rich Morphology in Statistical Machine Translation
A. El Kholy, N. Habash

11:30-12:00 : Exploiting Shared Chinese Characters in Chinese Word Segmentation Optimization for Chinese-Japanese Machine Translation
C. Chu, T. Nakazawa, D. Kawahara, S. Kurohashi

12:00-12:30 : Hebrew Morphological Preprocessing for Statistical Machine Translation
N. Singh, N. Habash

12:30-12:40 : Poster boaster (1 minute each) – User Papers of Poster Session 1

12:40-14:00 : Lunch

14:00-15:30 : Poster Session 1 – User and Project Papers

User Papers:

  • Building Translation Awareness in Occasional Authors: A User Case from Japan
    M. Tatsumi, A. Hartley, H. Isahara, K. Kageura, T. Okamoto, K. Shimizu
  • Efficiency-based evaluation of aligners for industrial applications
    A. Toral, M. Poch, P. Pecina, G. Thurmair
  • Evaluation of Machine-Translated User Generated Content: A pilot study based on User Ratings
    L. Mitchell, J. Roturier
  • A Machine Translation Toolchain for Polysynthetic Languages
    P. Homola
  • EASTIN-CL: A multilingual front-end to a database of Assistive Technology products
    G. Thurmair, A. Agnoletto, V. Gower, R. Rozis
  • Towards the Integration of MT into a LSP Translation Workflow
    D. Vilar, M. Schneider, A. Burchardt, T. Wedde
  • Context-Aware Machine Translation for Software Localization
    V. Muntés-Mulero, P. Paladini Adell, C. España-Bonet, L. Màrquez

Project Papers:

  • Virtus™: Translation for Structured Data
  • MOLTO - Multilingual On-Line Translation
  • AIDA: Automatic Identification and Glossing of Dialectal Arabic
  • CESAR - Central and South-East European Resources
  • BOLOGNA - Bologna Translation Service

15:30-16:00 : Coffee break

16:00-17:30 : Poster Session 2 – Project Papers

  • ACCEPT - Automated Community Content Editing PorTal
  • PANACEA - Platform for Automatic, Normalised Annotation and Cost-Effective Acquisition of Language Resources for Human Language Technologies
  • ATLAS - Automatic Translation into Sign Languages
  • FAUST - Feedback Analysis for User adaptive Statistical Translation
  • EU-BRIDGE - Bridges Across the Language Divide
  • GF Eclipse Plugin: an IDE for grammar development in GF
  • CrossLang Moses SMT Production System
  • Embedding Machine Translation in ATLAS Content Management System
  • TTC - Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora
  • Confident MT - Estimating Translation Quality for Improved Statistical Machine Translation
  • PET: a Tool for Post-editing and Assessing Machine Translation
  • LetsMT! - Do-It-Yourself Machine Translation Factory on the Cloud

17:30-18:30 : EAMT Business meeting

18:30 : Closure

20:00 : Welcome reception


Tuesday, May 29

09:00-09:30 : Best EAMT thesis

09:30-10:30 : Invited Talk: The Unavoidable Adoption of Machine Translation
Donald A. DePalma, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

10:30-10:50 : Coffee break

10:50-12:20 : Oral Session 3 – Research Papers

10:50-11:20 : Cross-lingual Sentence Compression for Subtitles
W. Aziz, S. C. M. de Sousa, L. Specia

11:20-11:50 : Can Automatic Post-Editing Make MT More Meaningful?
K. Parton, N. Habash, K. McKeown, G. Iglesias, A. de Gispert

11:50-12:20 : Evaluating User Preferences in Machine Translation Using Conjoint Analysis
K. Kirchhoff, D. Capurro, A. Turner

12:20-12:30 : Poster boaster (1 minute each) – Research Papers of Poster Session 3

12:30-14:00 : Lunch

14:00-15:30 : Poster Session 3 – Research and Project Papers

Research Papers:

  • Cascaded Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation Systems
    D. Tufiş, S.D. Dumitrescu
  • Hybrid Parallel Sentence Mining from Comparable Corpora
    D. Ștefănescu, R. Ion, S. Hunsicker
  • Domain Adaptation of Statistical Machine Translation using Web-Crawled Resources: A Case Study
    P. Pecina, A. Toral, V. Papavassiliou, P. Prokopidis, J. van Genabith
  • Relevance Ranking for Translated Texts
    M. Turchi, J. Steinberger, L. Specia
  • Automatic Tune Set Generation for Machine Translation with Limited In-domain Data
    J. Chen, J. Devlin, H. Cao, R. Prasad, P. Natarajan
  • Domain Adaptation in SMT of User-Generated Forum Content Guided by OOV Word Reduction: Normalization and/or Supplementary Data?
    P. Banerjee, S. K. Naskar, J. Roturier, A. Way, J. van Genabith
  • Long-distance reordering during search for hierarchical phrase-based SMT
    F. Braune, A. Gojun, A. Fraser
  • Mixture-Modeling with Unsupervised Clusters for Domain Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation
    R. Sennrich
  • Extending CCG-based Syntactic Constraints in Hierarchical Phrase-Based SMT
    H. Almaghout, J. Jiang, A. Way

Project Papers:

  • MosesCore - Moses Open Source Evaluation and Support Co-ordination for OutReach and Exploitation
  • MateCat - Machine Translation Enhanced Computer Assisted Translation
  • SUMAT - An online service for SUbtitling by MAchine Translation
  • transLectures - Transcription and Translation of Video Lectures
  • ACCURAT - Analysis and Evaluation of Comparable Corpora for Under Resourced Areas of Machine Translation
  • CoSyne - a Project on Multilingual Content Synchronization with Wikis
  • The LT Innovate forum
  • TOSCA-MP - Task-oriented search and content annotation for media production
  • Organic.Lingua - Demonstrating the Potential of multilingual Web portal for Sustainable Agricultural & Environmental Education

15:30-15:50 : Coffee break

15:50-16:00 : Poster boaster (1 minute each) – Research Papers of Poster Session 4

16:00-17:30 : Poster Session 4 – Research and Project Papers

Research Papers:

  • Flexible finite-state lexical selection for rule-based machine translation
    F. M. Tyers, F. Sánchez-Martínez, M. L. Forcada
  • Statistical Post-Editing of Machine Translation for Domain Adaptation
    R. Rubino, S. Huet, F. Lefèvre, G. Linarès
  • Crowd-based MT Evaluation for non-English Target Languages
    M. Paul, E. Sumita, L. Bentivogli, M. Federico
  • Readability and Translatability Judgments for “Controlled Japanese”
    A. Hartley, M. Tatsumi, H. Isahara, K. Kageura, R. Miyata
  • A Phrase Table without Phrases: Rank Encoding for Better Phrase Table Compression
    M. Junczys-Dowmunt
  • Creating Term and Lexicon Entries from Phrase Tables
    G. Thurmair, V. Aleksic
  • ́
  • WIT3: Web Inventory of Transcribed and Translated Talks
    M. Cettolo, C. Girardi, M. Federico
  • A Hybrid System for Patent Translation
    R. Enache, C. España-Bonet, A. Ranta, L. Màrquez

17:30 : Closure

19:00 : Social dinner (best paper award)


Wednesday, June 1

08:45-10:15 : Oral Session 4 – Research Papers

08:45-09:15 : Hierarchical Sub-sentential Alignment with Anymalign
A. Lardilleux, F. Yvon, Y. Lepage

09:15-09:45 : Adjunct Alignment in Translation Data with an Application to Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
S. Arnoult, K. Sima’an

09:45-10:15 : LTG vs. ITG Coverage of Cross-Lingual Verb Frame Alternations
K. Addanki, C. Lo, M. Saers, D. Wu

10:15-10:30 : Coffee break

10:30-12:00 : Oral Session 5 – Research Papers

10:30-11:00 : Learning Machine Translation from In-domain and Out-of-domain Data
M. Turchi, C. Goutte, N. Cristianini

11:00-11:30 : Discriminative Reordering Extensions for Hierarchical Phrase-Based Machine Translation
M. Huck, S. Peitz, M. Freitag, H. Ney

11:30-12:00 : Pivot-based Machine Translation between Statistical and Black Box systems
A. Toral

12:00-12:10 : Closing Remarks