Corporate member: Memsource

Memsource Translate:

Memsource is a leading translation management system dedicated to making machine translation more effective for businesses of all sizes. Memsource enables better MT through Memsource Translate, its machine translation hub within Memsource.

Memsource Translate offers:

  • Support for over 30+ MT engines, including the most commonly used generic and custom engines.
  • Several fully managed engines available for immediate translation. Setup, payment, quality testing, and legal compliance are all handled by Memsource.
  • AI-powered MT Autoselect functionality, which always finds the best-performing engine for a user’s content, based on language pair and domain.
  • Memsource’s patented MT Quality Estimation feature, which provides reliable quality scores for machine translated segments. With MT Quality Estimation, users can easily identify high-quality content that does not need post-editing to save on post-editing costs.

Memsource produces a number of useful MT-related resources available for free on its website to help users better understand and implement MT in their workflows. These include Memsource’s quarterly Machine Translation Reports, which use anonymized translation data to show how leading MT engines perform across different language pairs and domains.