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Who are we?

MorphoLogic Localisation is one of the leading language service and technology providers in Central Europe.

As a language technology provider, we have developed Globalese®, a new statistical machine translation system designed for language service providers and global companies. Globalese® is based on the latest open source statistical machine translation engine, Moses. Globalese® can be fully integrated into the local translation workflow with the most popular professional Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools.

The new Globalese® Machine Translation system developed by MorphoLogic Localisation enables global content owners and language service providers to:

  • Increase translation productivity with project-specific custom MT engines.
  • Secure all-important data using a local installation of the Globalese® machine translation system – no confidential content has to be transferred to third parties or the cloud.
  • Integrate machine translation into the standard translation workflow.
  • Perform tuning and incremental training on the MT engines.

Our portfolio for language services includes translation, software and mobile app localisation, website localisation and technical documentation translation. We are a certified SAP PartnerEdge partner for SAP Translation Services.

Please visit our website for more information on our services and the new Globalese® machine translation system.