Corporate member: IXA Group


Who are we?

IXA is a research group working on Natural Language Processing since 1988. It was created with the aim of developing basic computational resources for Basque. Nowadays, the group is composed of 38 computer scientists, 15 linguists, 3 research technicians (36 Ph.D.).

At present, our main products are: a spelling checker (Xuxen), a machine translation system (OpenTrad, Matxin), Basque Wordnet (BasWN), a morphologically annotated (Corpus of Science and Technology), a syntactically annotated corpus (EPEC) and a chain of NLP tools (Ixa-pipes) for Basque, Dutch, English, French, Galician, German, Italian and Spanish. See also the whole list of products.

Our current major projects are the following: QTLeaps, LoCloud, PATHS, NewsReader, READERS, OpeNER, European STREP projects; Basque Government’s Stablished Research Group; Extrecem, Tuner, TADeep, Hibrido Sint, TACARDI and SKaTeR projects from Spanish Ministry of Education and Science; and also the EUROPEANA1, Flarenet2, TIMM and RTTH research networks. See also the whole list of projects since 1988.

IXA Group offers two masters: EM LCT & HAP/LAP.