MT Summit Biannual Conference

MT Summit 2023

when: September 4-8, 2023
where: Macau SAR, China

The 19th Machine Translation Summit, organized by the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT), will be held in Macau SAR, China on Sep 4-8, 2023. Machine Translation (MT) Summit is an international conference, which brings together people from the academic and commercial world developing MT and users of MT systems. The conference overviews state-of-the-art technologies in MT, its major contemporary trends, and practical applications.

Past editions of the MT Summit Biannual Conference

MT Summit 2021 August 16-20, Orlando, Florida, USA.

MT Summit 2019 August 19-23, Dublin, Ireland.

MT Summit 2017 September 18-23, Nagoya, Japan.

MT Summit 2015 October 29-November 3, Miami, USA.

MT Summit 2013 September 2-6, Nice, France.

MT Summit 2011 September 19-23, 2011, Xiamen, China.

MT Summit 2009 August 26-30 Ottawa, Canada.

MT Summit 2007 September 10-14, Copenhagen, Denmark.

MT Summit 2005 September 12-16, Phuket, Thailand

MT Summit 2003 23-27 September, New Orleans, USA.

MT Summit 2001 September 18-23, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.

MT Summit 1999 September 13-17, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore.

MT Summit 1997 October 29 – November 1, San Diego, USA.

MT Summit 1995 July 10-13, Luxembourg.

MT Summit 1993 July 20-22, Kobe, Japan.

MT Summit 1991 July 1-4, Washington DC, USA.

MT Summit 1989 August 16-18, Munich, Germany.

MT Summit 1987 September 17-19, Hakone, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.