IAMT Award of Honour

Article 11 of IAMT bylaws

The Executive Committee of IAMT shall confer an award on the occasion of its biennial “MT Summit” conference to the individual member who in its opinion has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion and development of machine translation and/or to the aims and objectives of IAMT as defined in Article 2 of the association’s Bylaws. Nominations for the award may be made to the Executive Committee by any member of the IAMT Award of Honor Nomination Committee, comprising one member appointed by each of the three regional associations, not less than six months before the next “MT Summit” conference. The name of the award shall be the “IAMT Award of Honor”.

Past Awardees

  • 1997: Makoto Nagao
  • 1999: Muriel Vasconcellos
  • 2001: John Hutchins
  • 2003:
  • 2005: Maghi King
  • 2007: Winfred P. Lehmann (in memoriam)
  • 2009: Bente Maegaard
  • 2011: Hitoshi Iida
  • 2013: Hermann Ney
  • 2015: Philipp Koehn
  • 2017: Jun-Ichi Tsujii
  • 2019: Andy Way
  • 2021: Alon Lavie