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Who are we?

KantanMT is a leading provider of cloud-based Statistical Machine Translation (SMT), offering a global client base cost-effective access to the latest SMT technologies.

The platform is an intuitive and easy to navigate application, allowing members to build and manage SMT engines within the cloud. The performance of SMT engines can be rapidly improved using KantanMT’s unique data analysis and data visualisation technologies (BuildAnalytics™), and SMT project management is simplified using KantanAnalytics™ – a SMT fuzzy-match technology used to plan, cost and schedule projects.

Other features of include:

  • PEX automatic post editing
  • GENTRY parsing technology
  • Instant Segment Re-training (ISR)
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • KantanPreprocessor™ technology

KantanMT seamlessly integrates with most Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools and web applications, offering users instant access to on-demand Machine Translation. Members have reported an average increase in productivity of 60% after introducing Kantan Machine Translation into translation workflows.

Contact Information

Address: INVENT, DCU campus, Dublin 9. IRELAND

Phone: +353 1 700 7874