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Who are we?

STAR offers custom solutions for your global product communication needs with tools and services in the areas of information management, technical documentation, translation, electronic publication, e-learning, and workflow automation. With more than 30 years of experience, STAR lets you make the most of your information in real-time, in any medium or technology, in any language, anytime, anywhere.

STAR is an organically grown and privately owned Swiss company. With a globally connected team of over 900 in-house experts, STAR operates offices in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Corporate Machine Translation

STAR MT was developed by the STAR Group for corporate machine translation. STAR MT accesses the customer’s trained engines and provides machine translations that are based on the customer’s language, style and terminology.

With over 25 years of experience in language processing, STAR Group offers a synergy of Machine Translation (MT) and Translation Memory (TM) technologies: STAR MT can be seamlessly integrated into established processes and tools and supports each stage of the information lifecycle (authoring, language processes, language services, human translation).

Machine Translation interfaces

STAR MT can be easily integrated into the corporate language management system STAR CLM. If STAR CLM is not being used yet, STAR MT can be connected directly to STAR’s translation memory system TRANSIT. Before introducing STAR MT, STAR’s three-phase proof of concept provides customers with conclusive statistics on the added value of MT –based on their own “real-life” translation projects.

The web application STAR MT Translate allows to translate individual sentences, entire paragraphs or documents (MS Office, PDF, etc) and prevents the content from being forwarded to third-party providers. Confidential company data stay in-house.

Optional interfaces support access to STAR MT from Office applications and external applications, such as ERP systems, service portals or translation memory systems from other manufacturers.

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