Corporate member: Transducens


Who are we?

The research group Transducens comprises a team of professors and researchers from the Department of Software and Computing Systems at the Universitat d’Alacant, Spain.

Transducens main topics of research are:

  • machine translation;
  • computer-assisted translation;
  • natural language processing, in general;
  • document imaging, digitisation of historical printed texts;
  • computer-assisted education;
  • indexing, socialization and markup languages for digital libraries;
  • grammatical inference from stochastic samples.

Transducens’ staff is currently teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in machine translation, computer-assisted translation, natural language processing, compiler design, web technologies, and digital libraries. Some members of the staff are active developers of the Apertium free/open-source machine translation project, and some others are involved in the development of the Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library.

Why did we join the EAMT?

Transducens has been involved in lot of machine translation projects since the middle of the nineties, both research and development-oriented. Our most successful product is the Apertium free/open-source machine translation platform, whose development was initiated in 2004 by the group, although nowadays the project is also receiving very important contributions from a large community outside the group. The group has also released as free/open-source software a series of natural language processing tools, since we believe in openness as a crucial element of the scientific evolution. We believe that EAMT gives us an excellent platform to disseminate our know-how and technologies to a wider MT community.

Transducens has organized several MT-related events like, for example, the First International Workshop on Free/Open-Source Rule-Based Machine Translation in 2009, the Open-Source Machine Translation Workshop at MT Summit VIII in 2005, or the Teaching Machine Translation Workshop at MT Summit X in 2001. Prof. Mikel L. Forcada, one of the members of the group, is part of the EAMT executive committee. Finally, Transducens has published papers in different EAMT conferences in the last years.

We believe that joining the EAMT will strengthen our relations with other researchers in the field and our position as an European MT research group.


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